How to Make Money From Facebook in 2020 (Earn 200$/Month)


If you are a facebook user then definitely This thought has always fascinated you can you Make Money From Facebook most of the Facebook user only use facebook Apart from sharing selfies sending message and receiving those notifications.

But can you know you can earn lots of income from fb if you can work in good direction with better social earning idea if you think can it’s possible ?

Yes, you can easily Make Money From Facebook with different ways

How to earn money from facebook in 2020

Earn money with Facebook is not as difficult as you think Infact Facebook have over a billion of active audience and great advertise targeting agency to these users it will be really surprise if you cannot earn money from Facebook.

I have earn and lost a lot of money on Facebook.

In this article I will tell how you earn money from facebook in right or proven ways.

There are two ways that you can earn money from Facebook

  1. Invest your time and effort.
  2. Invest your money

But most of the people don’t have much amount of money to invest in facebook

Don’t in this article I will mention some geniune ways to earn money from Facebook

without any single amount of investment; but definitely this idea will require time, effort and energy

Now , question in your mind by using without investment idea you can really earn money from facebook ?

Yes, you can let be one fact clear that Facebook has over a billion active users.

That’s means you have the billion of audience but All you need to do is figure out how to earn money from Facebook in a Genuine way.

Firstly, I truly believe our Indian people is most curious about earning money like housewives , student and a job employer want to earn some more money.

Indian’s are most creative people on the Earth and they will figure out any solutions for any problem.

I have mentioned some true ways to make money on Facebook in basis of practicality.

It means in this article you will find the easiest ways to earn money on the top of the list and towards the bottom,

the methods will take time, effort and special skills to earn your money.

7 Smart and Free ways to earn money from Facebook in 2020

Here, we mentioned the 7 Geniune way to earn money from facebook

#1.Earn Money from Facebook by Selling Services

Facebook Selling Services
Facebook Selling Services

Do you know you can also earn money from facebook by selling your skills like Graphic or logo Design, Content Writing & animation video YouTube video Thumbnail making Seo service and many other

You have to run right fb ads according to you services to your targeted audience and

you can actually sell some of your services and make some income.

Or you can join some group there you can mention your skills you can do some type of work if any people like they can attract with you .

Steps to Earn Money by Selling Services on Facebook

  •  Join a relevant group according to your skills
  •  Analyze offers and post of other compititor offering similar services
  •  Create an attractive post to sell your services
  •  Check comments and improve your post and wait for Order
  • For first time you can sell your service in low price with high service features

#2. Earn money through facebook page

facebook page has the potential to earn lots of money of your Facebook page has lakhs of followers then you can definitely earn from facebook.

To make money from facebook page firstly just go to your Facebook account click on  ” Create page” or simply follow these guide to establish your page :-


Step-1: Find a Topic

Firstly, after creating page then you have to find out your niche For example, a news page or technology page and study page or other there are thousand of Topic.

Make money from a facebook page is not a one day work you must have the basic knowledge about the  particular topic

so that you can create content for your page and inspire other people to like and follow your page.

Step-2: Publish content on facebook page

After selecting the topic now you have to post your geniune and Informative content on facebook

Your content such that people read/watch/share and follow your page.

But you have to  regular published your content in facebook because Facebook pages have a low organic reach and people often forget you if you are not regular.

Step-3: Make relation 

marketing relationship building is necessary for your Facebook page You will get your first payment from collaborative promotions or as sponsored posts.

Sponsored post means that you get paid to write and post about a company or organisation on your facebook page.

Step-3: Make more money

Now, your facebook have a some fan base of the Facebook user then you can earn money through affiliate programs like famous affiliate providers are Amazon, shareasale etc.

#3.Earn Money from Facebook Marketplace

Yes, you can earn money from facebook marketplace by selling on Facebook Marketplace.


Fb marketplace is digital market place where facebook user can arrange to buy, sell and trade items with other people in their local area.

I have seen many people sell items on Facebook marketplace and earn passive income from that.

From this you can get item in very cheap price from supplier and delivering the product to your customer without complaint and services isuue.

Step to Create Facebook market place

  •  Go to
  •  Click Marketplace
  • Tap on Sell Something
  • Click Item for Sale
  • Enter Title, Pricing, Location & Category

#4.Sell products on Facebook to make money

You can earn money from facebook by selling your product on Facebook

Create a facebook business page list your product on the page mentioned the price offer and coupon code for extra disscount.

You have to upload good quality image with good description and price.

Promote your products offer with facebook paid ads.Or, involve influential facebook pages or people to promote your offer.

Get a order deliver on its time earn commission money from the product provide quality product then they should buy again and recommend your page.

#5.Earn Money from Facebook Ads (Video Views)

By posting videos on Facebook you can earn from facebook ads some year back facebook introduce algorithm Video Ads for publishers.

By using Facebook you have seen many short videos about ‘how to do this”,

Comedy vido Five Minute Crafts on this video have massive number views and shares.

You can become a facebook video creator who create original videos and they can monetize their videos by inserting ads into particular videos.

Facebook allow their video creators to monetise ads in three ways:

  • pre-roll
  • mid-roll
  • and image ads.

#6.Earn Money from Facebook by Becoming Influencer

became a facebook influencer really is not a easy work you have to patience in this particular idea influencing

some year back facebook algorithm is defined that a such way that organic post can get wider audience by becoming an social media influencer.

If the organising reach is not working than it takes a lot of time and work and

you need to be consistent in providing engagement to your followers to become an influencer.


Bacame a Facebook influencer have some passance and dedication to earn income

  • Approx one year time
  • Hard work + smart work
  • You can earn unlimited with influencing

Step to become Facebook influencer

  • select the niche in which you want to be Influencer
  •  Start posting  relevant and useful content for your targeted audience to groups or page
  • You can Run a paid ads for your content
  •  Make a page fan followers with regular engagement
  • You can use promotion and recommendations or other ways to Influence your followers to make money

#7.Facebook Account Management/ Social Media Manager

Facebook account management is known as social media manager their responsibility to post quality content timely on their fb page

and reply the people query on Facebook messages received in the messenger inbox.

Social Media Managers now in very high demand because the owner have enough time to engage with their fb page.

and the high usage of social media by users across the world that’s why they should higer a social media manager

Various of the pages switch their page to Facebook account management by Social media manager they handle there Daily content publishing and user message interacting


Make money from facebook is not a too much difficult work but a little tricky

as you know Facebook does not allow organic promotion to a large number of audience.

But the trick here is, if you can keep your audiences engaged, you can win the organic reach to a much larger extent.

start with today grow your page and community with larger audience if you have your traffic then don’t worry about making MONEY.

If you have any query realted this comment it below we try to give your answer according to our knowledge